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Minos Perdios - Director and Reviews Manager

Minos’ first experience with housing law was working for A. Nicolaou & Co Solicitors between July 1990 and September 1992. He then joined Hackney Council as a Homeless Person Assistant before being promoted to a Homeless Persons Officer six months later. In September 1998 he joined Sheffield City Council as a Senior Homeless Persons Officer. In 2001 he returned to London and worked as a self-employed Reviews Manager before setting up the Housing Reviews Limited in January 2004. He has personally carried out over 5,000 reviews for over 50 local authorities.

Minos has also developed the very popular ‘Investigating Homeless Applications & Writing S184 Decision Letters - A practical guide’ specifically for homeless officers.

Minos is also a regular speaker at homelessness events such as the events provided by Central Law Training and the Social Housing Law Association (SHLA). He is now central to our homelessness conferences which we started to deliver in September 2014 and have been extremely successful.

Lucia Alexander - Company Secretary and Reviews Coordinator

Lucia set up the Housing Reviews Limited with Minos Perdios. Her role is to carry out enquiries relating to each review received and requesting extensions where applicable. She manages the office and co-ordinates the work of the reviews officers as well as the admin officer. Lucia has been involved in over 3,000 reviews.

Who We Are