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London Office

Housing Reviews Centre

PO Box 65717

London N13 9BD

Tel:  020 3174 2293

Fax: 020 3174 2294

Leeds Office

Housing Reviews Centre

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Tel:  0113 816 0210

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S166A & S202 Reviews:

£210 + VAT per review

‘Mohammed’ Letters:

£130 + VAT per decision

Flexible Tenancies Reviews:

£150 + VAT per review


£1,300 + VAT per day


Please contact us for a competitive quote

Budget with peace of mind

It has never been more important for local authorities to deliver good and cost effective services given the current challenging economic climate and difficult public sector funding environment. Our company is here to help your local authority by providing a quality service at an affordable price.

We offer a fixed fee pricing policy for S166A & S202 reviews, irrespective of the complexity of a case or the time it takes for us to complete. Our experience shows that reviews take many hours to complete and we do not want local authorities to worry about the costs whilst we are making our extensive enquiries and writing our detailed decision letters.