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We provide a comprehensive training programme for local authority homeless officers. Most of our training is bespoke as every local authority has different training requirements. Our training includes topics such as:

The Housing Act 1996 as amended - A practical guide NEW COURSE & INCLUDES THE HOMELESSNESS REDUCTION ACT 2017 - click here for details

Investigating Homeless Eligibility Cases & Writing S184 ‘Not Eligible’ Decision Letters –  A practical guide

Homelessness and the Private Rented Sector

Suitability of Accommodation, including Ending of Duty

Writing 'Mohammed' Letters

Investigating Homeless Applications and Writing Decision Letters - A Practical Guide OUR MOST POPULAR COURSE!

Understanding the Responsibilities of a Review Officer and Writing ‘Appeal Proof’ Review Decisions

Fixed Term Secure Tenancies - As amended by the Housing and Planning Act 2016

Case Law Update

Each course we offer focuses on the practical aspect of making decisions. By the end of every course officers will have a clear understanding on what are the ‘right’ questions they should ask, what reasonable enquiries they should be making, how to arrive to a reasonable and correct decision and writing a ‘watertight’ decision letter. They will be able to do this irrespective of whether they are investigating homelessness, eligibility, priority need, intentionality, local connection, suitability of accommodation, discharging duty or ‘Mohammed’ letters. On courses such as the Eligibility, Suitability of Accommodation and Investigating Homeless Applications officers get the opportunity to scrutinise some ‘model’ bad S184/S193 decisions. Each delegate is also given a guided manual to use through the interviewing and decision making process.

Over 50 local authorities have attended our courses which are extremely well received with fantastic feedback:

“Thanks for delivering some of the most well received training I can remember.” Shaun Flook, Barnet Council.

“Very well structured and presented. Entertaining and Informative!” Marcus Bater, Sevenoaks District Council.

“Very good course - most enjoyable!”.  Rav Kensrey, Gravesham Borough Council.

Homelessness Training

At Housing Reviews we have become synonymous with providing the most practical training on homelessness related legislation and case law.

We are able to do this because, unlike other training providers, we make the same homelessness decisions as Housing Options Services have to make. We, therefore, have real experience of what it takes to apply the homelessness legislation and caselaw correctly.

Housing Act 1996