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County Court and Court of Appeal Commendations

In the Court of Appeal case, De-Winter Heald & Ors v London Borough of Brent [2009] EWCA Civ 930 Lord Justice Stanley Burnton stated,

“Brent, who accept and adopt the results of Mr Perdios' inquiries and his recommendations, evidently consider that he provides an efficient service that deals with reviews expeditiously and at a reasonable cost. If his decisions are accepted by Brent and upheld by the county court, it is because his decision letters address the issues raised by applicants and the information put before him and which he obtains and reaches sensible conclusions”.

In the Court of Appeal case, Griffin v City of Westminster 2004 EWCA Civ 108, Lord Justice Kennedy stated,

"the review officer gives his reasons for reaching that conclusion in an exemplary fashion".

In the Central London County Court case of Amnsor v City of Westminster, HHJ Roger Cooke stated that he was,

"impressed with the detail in the review decision".

“Housing Reviews are a first rate service that give impartial and fair consideration to every review case. Their knowledge of Homelessness Law is second to none, a good thorough service which is also cost effective, which is a great help with current local authority budget restraints. Brilliant! I would be lost without them!

Pauline Meaney

Maidstone Council

“Housing Reviews are an invaluable resource to us in our Homelessness work. They conduct their reviews with a fair and balanced approach matched only by their professionalism and knowledge of Housing law”

Nicorum Flaherty

Colchester Council

“It is not just the quality of their review decisions that make Housing Reviews such an effective service. It is also the advice that they regularly provide to staff free of charge and the considerable support they provide to our legal department in defending an appeal. Their advice on how we can improve our service has also been invaluable.”

Kim Harwood

Hertsmere Council

Client Commendations